We Serve Climate Tech Startups to generate

More Leads, More Content,

More Networking, More Visibility, 

More Revenue and Bigger Impact.


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CLIMATE INNOVATION is I4G's climate focused seed accelerator program.

Over the next few months, I4G, along with its partners and supporters, will provide the 2021 Climate Innovation Cohort with the necessary support to scale their impact through:


  • Advisory sessions

  • Impact measurement

  • Innovation, Business Remodeling & Marketing coaching 

  • Brokering introductions to potential investors and customers to further accelerate growth

Program Duration

6month starts 15th June until end of October (subject to change)

Program structure

The program is designed in collaboration with industry specialists and investment experts to help ambitious six climate tech startups scale their venture, offering:

  • curated 1:1 coaching with industry experts (business remodeling, impact measurement,  traction building and financial modeling)

  • market access support through series of networking & matchmaking sessions with potential investors and partners

  • opportunities in raising funds through I4G's network of Investors 

  • support in integrating into the local industry ecosystem 


Our selection criteria


  • Startups are tech and profit driven (a must)

  • Startups are in seed stage (with MVP+some traction)

  • Company aims at creating measurable environmental and social sustainability footprint as they scale

Who Can Join

climate focused startups with technology solutions for:

1. Energy Efficiency & Storage

2. Sustainable Agriculture

3. Circular Food Economy

4. Green Mobility & Transportation

5. Recycling – Reuse – Waste Management